What is CCTV and How does it work?

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What is CCTV and how does it work? also known as closed-circuit television, is a device used to track people and places, retrieve and defend information. In everyday use, CCTV cameras mounted on buildings, gates, and other structures for surveillance purposes only. But CCTV has been beneficial in dealing with various hazards in business, homes, and public places.CCTV is now required to obtain information about a particular location and its functionality. Furthermore, closed circuits can be of great help in getting information about a crime in a specific place.

 So you can get some idea of ​​what is CCTV. So let’s see how closed circuits work.

Who needs a CCTV system?

What is CCTV and how does it work? Security cameras were first used by the Germans to monitor rocket launches. From then to now, From private offices to public buildings, from homes to clubs, surveillance cameras are strategically positioned to capture events and capture behind-the-scenes footage.

CCTV systems can be traced to the security / criminal duty of each individual and business practice and provide health and safety to the ultimate public.


You have seen public transport in downtown, association football stadiums, major street retailers, sports centers, open centers, CCTV systems. The list is endless.

Security cameras can be customized to suit you. They will be as simple as a single camera and monitor. However, owning multiple cameras/monitors and recording devices in one installation is common.

The most common use of security cameras is below.

For Business Opportunities

Offices, museums, banks, restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses are a haven for crime, and money is always in hand. Business owners and company owners strategically install security cameras to protect capita.

Keeps registers, back offices, places that are not visible to the customer, gates near safes, and ceiling security cameras.

Using CCTV, businesses also use security cameras to monitor employees and ensure they make the best use of their time. It makes it particularly easy to control the night staff of business employees, such as cleaning and maintenance, workplaces, call centers, staff, and management teams.

Traffic Monitoring

As technology advances, it becomes increasingly used to track closed-circuit traffic.

Law enforcement agencies use security cameras to track traffic on the intersections and busy roads. The video, which can be viewed by an officer at any time, allows law enforcement to punish traffic violators, identify drivers who recklessly drive in red light, speeding or otherwise, and prosecuting those drivers for serious crimes elsewhere.

Home Security

Some people are increasingly using home cameras to prevent crime. So we can see these CCTVs or closed circuits in the homes of the wealthy.


Moreover, today’s society is seeing security cameras be used to watch their family from a distance.

Monitor public places

The most crime committed in public places. It is best to install security cameras in these places. Happily, security cameras have been able to get a lot of information about accidents, crimes, and violations in public areas.

You have answered the questions about what is CCTV and who uses it widely.

cctv camera

What is CCTV and How does it work

What is CCTV and how does it work, CCTV systems found just about everyplace lately? They’re not thought-about an upscale luxury item, mainly once you contemplate your accumulated level of security CCTV system could be an established technique of skyrocketing the extent of security of your premises. Its visual look alone can deter a criminal from approaching or getting into your property for worry of being captured and known on the system.

Security CCTV camera system

  •  Display unit – (Optional, such as a Monitor)
  •  Storage unit – typically Hard disk
  •  Video recorder – (DVR or NVR)
  •  Cables – (RJ45 or RJ59 Cables)
  •  Security Cameras – Analog or IP camera

Display unit

A display unit is a television or screen that helps you see live or recorded footage. A screen suitable for DVR and NVR technology should use. It can also be viewed remotely from your mobile phone or computer using IP cameras. You can see all the footage provided by the security cameras.

However, when choosing security cameras, use an appropriate camera system.

Storage unit

A storage unit is a place where the data provided by the camera is collected and stored. One of the advantages of having a storage unit is that it can collect data and watch the video later. However, having more storage hierarchy in the storage unit can keep more data longer. Be sure to select the hard disks for the storage unit. A disc made of durable components, rather than a standard hard drive, you can play 24/7 if needed.

Video recorders

It can be difficult for the average person to sit and watch a monitor 24 hours a day. As a counterpart, video recorders and viewers store those videos. It is for their convenience.

Traditionally, this did with a timed video cassette recorder (VCR), which operated on the same principle as a home video but could record much longer.


However, VCR has now surpassed the Digital Hard Disk Recorder (HDR). Instead of using tape, the HDR stores the images on a computer’s hard drive.

Unlike the analog CCTV camera, the Ip CCTV camera digitizes the video signal at the camera level.

Digital signaling could be a separate illustration of the analog wave shape, and you’ll think about them as little different steps once attempting to approximate the signal.

Videos taped by the DVR system can view later. NVR system allows live views to considered by phone or computer.

It will give you some idea of ​​how video recorders work.


When connecting your security cameras, you must transmit the video via some kind of cable. The CCTV system mainly uses RG59 cables (RCA) plug and play cables and CAT5 cables. These are the three main CCTV cables. There area unit positives and negatives regarding each kind of camera cable.

Also, there are several other cables.

  • Coaxial Cables
  • Plug and Play / Video Power Cables
  • Siamese Cables
  • Optic Fiber Cables
  • Twisted Pair Cables


Security Cameras

What is CCTV and How does it work? What many people don’t realize is that there are a variety of CCTV cameras to suit different situations or premises, and it is essential to choose the right camera for the correct application.

Accordingly, there are currently three types of security cameras.

  • Analog CCTV Camera
  • IP CCTV camera
  • Wired security cameras

How analog CCTV camera works

Analog cameras are one of the most common types of CCTV cameras, both past, and present. Analog monitoring systems work by connecting your standard analog camera to a digital video recorder (DVR) via a transmission cable.

So, The analog camera can stream online to watch videos outside the venue. Also, the DVR camera is stored on a hard drive to watch live video and watch later.

what is cctv
CCTV camera

The analog system charges the DVR for compressing, converting, storing, and streaming video.

DVR also controls all the capabilities of the camera, including motion detection, scheduling, warning inputs, notifications, and more.

How IP CCTV camera work

IP cameras are more expensive than analog cameras, including compressing, translating, and streaming video over an internet connection. With this setup, DVR not required. The IP camera technology is a bit more advanced than the analog camera.

So, IP cameras have high-definition images and flexible features such as remote zooming and repositioning. You can stream videos through analog cameras and watch live through IP video cameras.


For example, when you’re not in the business, you can watch a video of your place of business live online.

How Wired security cameras work

Wireless security cameras use cables for video transmission and monitoring, but signal transmissions may be impaired when the transmission range exceeds 500 meters. Able. A single monitor located in a security room can interconnect several cameras. There are several ways to prevent bugs from wireless security cameras. If you are unable to correct them, you can seek the help of a technical engineer at CCTV.

There are different types of CCTV systems, but the two most common ones are analog and IP cameras.

These three methods give you an idea of ​​CCTV functionality.

Different Types of CCTV Cameras

What is CCTV and How does it work? Security cameras play a huge role in today’s society, and we are experiencing high levels of security in our everyday lives with the cameras around us.

however, what most people don’t know is how to choose a good CCTV camera

Accordingly, there are several types of CCTV.

  •  Dark Fighter Technology Cameras
  •  ANPR/LPR Cameras
  •  Network Cameras
  •  Internal and External Dome Camera
  •  Bullet Camera
  •  Varifocal Cameras
  •  High Definition Cameras
  •  C-mount Camera
  •  Day/Night Camera
  •  Thermal Image Cameras(Infrared Cameras)
  •  PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera
  •  Discreet CCTV

When you choose security cameras, it is essential to get information from people who know about security cameras.

Watch the video below for more information on CCTV.

What is CCTV and How does it work?

Source:- (Techsupport youtube channel)

So, We talked about what CCTV is, who uses it, its functionality, and types of CCTV. We have taken steps to represent every sector.

What is CCTV and how does it work? You have many points today. If you have any questions about CCTV cameras, please submit to us.

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