how to identify bike by serial number

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This article explains how to identify bike by serial number, Each bicycle has a unique serial number, which helps us identify the bike as well as the type of bike and the company to which it belongs. The bike serial number is not just a list of numbers. The serial number plays the role of an identity card for a bicycle.

Although we do not usually know what the serial number reads, its makers know what it means. It is very important that you find the serial number when repairing your bike. If there is a serial number it is easy for the technician.

Where is a bike serial number

The figure below shows the serial numbers of each type of bicycle.

identify bike by serial number

1. Underside of crank
2. Headset
3. Top of crank
4. Seat downtube next to crank
5. Rear stays

Bicycle serial number search

So I did a lot of research on the bike serial number. So I have solved many problems and would like to share it with you. So let’s see how to find the serial number meaning of several types of bikes. We solve all problems such as where the serial number is located.

What Is a Bike Serial Number?

In short, a serial number is a code number that means something very specific to the manufacturer. Each manufacturer has its own system for this number, but most start with a letter and have anywhere from 4-6 digits. The individual company determines the code, and it tells you what factory built your bike and what year the bike was manufactured (sometimes even down to the day or year!). This information can be put into a database where you can identify your bike based on its serial number.

Serial numbers are most often on the frame. Sometimes, they are on the head tube. You may need to look carefully for the serial number since it could be hidden under stickers or paint.

A bike’s serial number is required by law in most countries. Most countries require bikes to have a serial number as a form of identification. For example, the German Federal Motor Vehicle Authority (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) requires that all new bikes have a serial number.

How to Find the Bike Serial Number?

This should be fairly easy to find and identify, but there are definitely some caveats depending on the brand of your particular bike.

First, you need to remove any stickers or paint from your bike’s frame. This will take a little bit of elbow grease, but the number should be easy to find after that. It may be right on the top tube of your bike or on the down tube near where it connects with the chain stays. However, if there are any stickers covering this area, it is best to remove them as well so that you can clearly see what is written on your frame. The serial number should be clearly marked in one of these places, but you will have to look carefully for it in order to ensure your purchase is legit later on.

What Does the Serial Number Mean?

This is a very important question because depending on what you find when deciphering this code, ownership of your bike can change dramatically. For example, the following serial number might look like the one you would find on your bike’s frame:

For Example – BGN8367F60027

The BGN is the Bike Brand, 8367 is the Year, F60027 is the Frame Number, and that last number is the last two digits of your serial number. The last digit (in this case) can range from 0 to 9 and looks just like a regular number. If you were to find this on a frame, it would mean that it was built in 2016 by a company called “Bike Brand” in 2013, which was when they were founded. So, this company existed for just two years and only produced about 100 frames as far as we know. Therefore, this is a fairly rare frame.

By contrast, if you find something like the following serial number on your frame:

For Example – BGNBMX3026F134584-0112

This would mean the frame was built by Bike Brand in 2016 and was the 26th single speed they ever made. In that case, there were approximately 1,245 total frames constructed in 2013, and 12 of them are single speeds – making your bike one of that very small group. Additionally, a 13 would mean it is an aluminum 6061 series frame (as opposed to steel or titanium). Finally, this number is the frame serial number, and it is a long 13.

It is important to remember that there are exceptions to every rule, so it may not mean that your bike was built years or even months after you bought it. But, either way, there is a very good chance that the bike you have is fairly rare and has only been produced by one company.

Serial numbers are usually not much of an issue when it comes to parts. But, it is a good idea to check for the number on each individual part that you have before you install them. Some companies will mark the original parts somehow. Still, you need to make sure that your components are 100% legit and aren’t missing any identifying information or just don’t match up with your existing set.

A quick look around on google will also help you find out what each letter and number should mean as far as the company goes. This helps make sure that everything is original and hasn’t been swapped out on purpose (or accidentally). Even parts that you would assume would have a serial number, such as your stem or seat post, may have one, but it will be difficult to find.

If you are trying to sell or trade your bike in at some point down the line, you should probably make sure that everything is documented properly. This means that you should take pictures of the serial number and date of purchase clearly marked on your bike. You can also mark down what is on each part of your bike so that it can be easily identified and matched up with the frame later on. This is especially important if you plan on selling your bike to another person or for your own personal use.

The serial number is an extremely important piece of information and can help determine the legitimacy of your purchase. Without it, it would be extremely difficult to have protection against theft or other legal issues down the line. But, if you can get it, you should be able to sell your bike in the future without any trouble.

There are three things to remember about serial numbers on bikes.

1) Series bikes (those manufactured by one company) tend to have serial numbers that start with a number in the hundreds and go up in tens. For example, if Trek makes your bike, it will have AB23456789 as its serial number.

2) Bikes that multiple companies make tend to have serial numbers that start with the letter “S” and then the number. For example, if Giant makes your bike, it will have SB123456789 as its serial number.

3) Some bikes are made in batches and given serial numbers with letters instead of numbers. These letters also stand for a batch of bikes and represent the month it was produced. It is common to find a bike with a combination of numbers and letters in its serial number.

How to identify a bicycle by serial number ? We believe that some knowledge may have been gained

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