Sales techniques needed to become a good salesman?

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If you want to make successful revenue from your business, you have use sales techniques. Salespersons or sales teams use various types of sales techniques to sell their products more effectively. You have to find sales tips and techniques through trial and error based on past experiences. Because sales techniques vary from business to business, and you have to implement different sales techniques according to the situation. Sales methods and techniques are all about skills, focus and communication. Marketing techniques also go together with sales techniques. By implementing better marketing and sales technique, the company can meet its goals and objectives.


Following are successful sales techniques which can use to your business.

Unique Selling Proposition

You have to identify a unique selling proposition. You have to make sense to your customers, why they should buy from you instead of your competitors. If you differentiate your business from others, it will create more uniqueness to customer. Highlight the exclusive benefits which can get only from your organization such as warranty, after-sales services etc.

Unique selling proposition can consider as one of the most essential and basic sales technique you have to know.

Highlight Benefits

Emphasize the benefits of the product instead of features. Customers are more concern in knowing what’s in it for them. Make sure to explain how your products benefit them. If your customer already uses the same product in another brand or oldest version of the product, you can tell the benefits that gain from your product rather than the existing product. Try to find a problem and provide solutions from the product.

Make an irresistible offer

Sell your product with an offer. Give the customer a reason to respond to your sales technique by making them an offer which cannot refuse. This offer may include a discount, gift or a bonus item.



Make the features and benefits of the product visualized. It is more helpful to the customer to understand the features and the benefits of the product when they are in action. Product demonstration is an essential sales technique since not every customer is understandable in a verbal description of the product. This method also describes as one of sales communication technique.

Better communication

Communication is an essential thing in sales. If you use better sales communication techniques, you can achieve your goals. Don’t talk in one way with the customer. Make sure to ask questions from the customer and encourage the buyer to speak also. You can ask product based questions from the customer and get more ideas. Then you can market your product more efficiently based on customer’s problems.

Customer Reviews

Include customer testimonials in your product descriptions and brochures. You can use social media as a platform to gather current and potential customers to your business. This sales technique will help you to promote your product among potential customers. Prospective customers believe their peer reviews about the company rather than what the company says about its products and services.

Advanced Sales Techniques

Under the topic of sales techniques, there are some techniques called advanced sales techniques.  These techniques are more about solving problems. Advanced sales techniques mainly rely on identifying the implicit and explicit needs of customers and helping them to understand the implications of the need. Ultimately advanced sales techniques involved in providing solutions for problems rather than generating sales.


Bad Selling Techniques

There are some bad selling technique which you should avoid in sales. If you use these techniques, you won’t be able to earn better revenue.

  • If you said yes to all requests customer, make you will face trouble. You can say ‘No’ if the request is unreasonable. If not, this technique will create unhappy customers because you are unable to satisfy them.
  • Provide too much information will confuse the customer. Try to talk smart; then it will generate more customers. Make sure to tell what customer need.
  • Delaying sales also a reason to reduce customers. You can give an expected date to deliver the product.

These sales techniques will help you to earn more revenue from your business and try to avoid lousy selling techniques from your strategies.


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