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Welcome to mozkey.com, your number one source for all online education. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of educating, with a focus on distance learning, online learning and world learning..

I am Wimukthi Deshapriya, an online entrepreneur and teacher that has started a university professor, content creation and online education. This web site shares our best articles to read and learn on topics like online learning, distance learning, learning in the world.Three other members are helping to run the site.

Mr. Udaya Ranawaka He is a practicing doctor with 5 years experience in the field of medicine. Action will be taken to provide letters as well as medical advice for health education

Mr. Dushan Wickramasuriya He is a job manager with seven years experience in the field of management. Action will be taken to provide letters and advice for insurance, business education

Mr. Ajith Perera A working cook, he has three years of experience in the hotel industry. Action will be taken to provide letters and instructions for food education.He is studying in Year 3 at the University.


  • Articles do not prescribe medication.
  • When discussing disease, its good and bad effects are discussed.
  • Internet education does not advise illnesses but only provide important articles on education.
  • We provide important articles for universities, school children and other education.
  • in addition, important education articles on technology, health, and science, business, insurance, home management, food, fashion, etc. will be provided.

we will provide education articles for all sectors that enhance the knowledge of the people living in the world and enhance the value, knowledge, and learning of online education.

Despite its mainstream adoption, online education remains young and expanding rapidly. Reliable information is significant for the teachers liable for designing and delivering ever simpler online programs, and for the scholars who will ultimately enroll in them. mozkey.com’s goal is to create a comprehensive resource that delivers this information in an accessible, easy-to-understand format. to try to do this we do affairs.

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